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How to create a signature and add a logo to your Outlook e-mail?

How to create a signature and add a logo to your Outlook e-mail? If you log in on your online e-mail account, then follow these instructions: Log in online into your e-mail and click on the symbol Settings     Select Option down at the bottom of the Settings Scroll down the menu bar, that will appear on the left side and choose : Layout, E-mail Signature Click “automatically include my signature on new messages I compose”, and “Automatically on messages I forward or send to have your signature every time you compose a new e-mail”. Add the Txt...

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ISRO is developing Hyper Spectral Imaging Satellite.

Indian Space Research Organization is planning to launch another Earth Observation satellite call HySIS or Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite. ISRO has developed a critical chip called Optical Imaging Detection Array. It has been testing the chip. Once perfected it will launch the satellite. Launch date has not been finalised yet. Hyperspectral Imaging has been a trend for a while now and most of the space faring nations are working on it now. ISRO has developed the tech according to Indian requirements. And after the launch ISRO will be able to see 55 spectral or colour bands from 600 km above....

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June the 23rd ISRO launched successfully launched Cartosat-2 series satellite using PSLV -C38  from Satish Dhawan Space Center.  Since then The earth observation satellite has sent back numerous images. Some are below.     Image credit :...

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