Author: Moumita Paul

Robotics in Medical Science

What is Medical Robotics: As we all know Robotics is a robust field of implementation of human’s theoretical knowledge into practical vision and made our everyday life more easier than ever. So emerging robotics into medical science is known medical robotics. Medical Robots are now not boxed within sci-fi movies,they are reality.They support, assist and extend their helping hands for a healthy life.statistics says medical robotics has enhanced the quality of medical science much more higher in past few decades.Now a days it is not only bounded to surgical robotics, it is wide spread in various other field of...

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Exoskeleton And It’s Applications

What is Exoskeleton? From A Greek word “Exo” means outer and “Skeletos” means skeleton, the word “Exoskeleton” originated. Theoretically Exoskeleton means it provides external support and protections to a living being with comparison to  internal skeleton or endoskeleton. Here i’m talking about Robotic Exoskeleton. It is an external structural mechanism with joints & links powered by electric motors, Pneumatic, levers, hydraulics or combination of 2 or more technologies to mimic the limbs movement corresponding to those of the human body. In recent years Robotic Exoskeleton became a major part Robotic industry,though a decade ago it  used to be only confined...

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5 Cool Android Apps You Must Try on Your Phones.

In this smart world we all are partially or some of us are fully relying on our Smart phones. Leading a busy life is now not an option for us but became a harsh reality. We young generation most of the free time like to spend either on our Laptops or Phones.  Instead of  Facebooking or WhatsApping you can really enjoy your leisure time by using all these 5 cool Android Apps . All these 5 apps  are learning tools yet they are fun. All of these apps are available in Google play store . Links are 1. Linkedin...

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3 Steps To Repair Your Clock .

Clock is a device that can quantify time and can be symbolized as a continuity of earth’s revolution.One that can last really long is usually  become user-friendly and a big ask for the market also. So one-day all of a sudden you’ve found your favorite clock has stopped ticking and replacing battery isn’t helping you to get back life in your clock, then what would you do? will you just throw it in your garbage bag ? or simply will rush to your nearby clockmaker ? So if you choose the 1st option to throw it away then reading...

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Assistance For Patients With Difficulties In Lower Extremity

“If no one answers your call…..Then walk alone…(be not afraid) walk alone my friend…!”                                                                                                                                      – Tagore Yes my friend you can walk alone even if you’ve difficulties in lower extremity without leaning on...

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