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Semalt – How To Get Rid Of Bot Traffic In Your Google Analytics

It would not be wrong to say that data is the cornerstone of all of the online business and marketing decisions. It is important for us to develop an understanding of our data and ensure that it is up to the current marketing trends. We should also evaluate the behavior of users on our website and know everything about the industry shifts. This is only possible when we exclude bot traffic from the Google Analytics and focus on getting the desired results. Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, unveils some marketing secrets in this regard. In order to...

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Semalt Explains How To Create A Filter In Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a famous and well-versed service that lets you view details and all information as well as statistics of how users are behaving on your website. Filters present in Google Analytics are easy to set up and can be created anytime. Here you can exclude or include the data your analytics is reporting about. For example, when you have created filters that exclude a few IPs and the internal protocols of your editors, then there are chances that your filters are not properly working and should be altered as early as possible. You can create filters that...

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Semalt: Why & How To Exclude Internal Website Traffic From Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a lot of advantages to its users. It lets you have access to insights, vast and actionable data so that you can give a new edge to your business. It is possible for you to make your Google analytics better and comprehensive. For this, you would have to make some amendments to your account and follow a couple of steps. One of the major things you can do is to adjust your Google Analytics in a way that it gets you the legitimate traffic only. You can generate lots of views and leads through this program....

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