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ERROR REGISTRY RECOVERED 1014 (0x3F6) One of the files in the registry database had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy. The recovery was successful. Probable Causes for error 1014 Hardware Malfunctions Corrupted windows Registry. Virus attack. Software file got corrupted. Device driver issue Prevention’s Scan your computer for viruses on a daily basis. Always beware of email attachments. It is recommended to run a virus check before you open any attachment. Run registry maintenance on a daily basis. Avg can be a good option. Keep up to date software’s and device drivers. Always keep up to...

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Check the B I O S version on your computer

We all wonder sometimes what is BIOS and its version? Which version I have in my computer? Sometimes It becomes necessary to know the version. So here are few ways you can actually find out the  version of your computers BIOS.   Method 1 Go to Start. Click on Run. Type msinfo32 and press Enter. This will open system summery. On the right hand side under the item column , look for BIOS Version/Date. Method 2 A bit complicated method. Only for experts. Go to Start. Click on Run. Type regedit and press Enter. This will open Registry Editor....

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“Something went wrong” MS Office

Sometimes when you try to start an Office app, you might get this error. Follow these steps to fix the problem. Restart your computer. Sign in and restart your application. In most cases these steps solves the issue. But if it is still their you can try repairing the app.   To Repair the app in Windows 10   Right click on Start button. Click on Control Panel. From category view under the Programs Select Uninstall a program. Right click on the office Product Select repair Then change. Select How would you like to repair your Office Programs screen. Then select Online...

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How to get rid of Log on Password – Windows 10

Press WinKey + R then enter netplwiz to open the User Accounts dialogue box.  You need to need uncheck the option Users must enter a user name and Password to use this computer. Then click apply. Select your user name and enter your current password twice and then click OK. Restart your computer to take...

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