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Detailed Elucidation About Each Scrap Of A Bluetooth Controlled Drone.

  In my last article I’ve already given a basic idea about Quad-copter,how it was invented, which concept takes it a further step and where it is being used.Now i’m gonna brief you how u can make it in your own home and the interesting fact is that it’s a fundamentally Bluetooth controlled Drone which can be controlled using an Android smart phone through it’s native app. First of all you’ll need some important components in your tech bucket. The list as follows:- 1.Frame. 2. Brush-less Motors (4 piece) 3.Propellers 4.Electronic Speed Controller(ESC) 5.Flight Controller Board. 6.Power Distribution board:- 7.Bluetooth...

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When Quad-copter Made Our Lives Effortless.

Human-being,an extremely intelligent creature in this galaxy till now,has invented almost millions of useful and time saving upshots.Quad-copter ,one of the finest creations recently has made the list long.In the last few decades ,small scale unmanned aerial vehicles have created a lot of buzz among the folks and Quad-copter is one of them. If we break the word Quad-copter into pieces ,then Quad stands for “four” and Copter means “helicopter“.It has also a pet name “Drone“.It is basically an Aerial Robot combining simple Propeller Mechanism with advanced Electronics ideas . The Bell Boeing Quad Tilt rotor concept takes the fixed Quad-copter...

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