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Robotics in Medical Science

What is Medical Robotics: As we all know Robotics is a robust field of implementation of human’s theoretical knowledge into practical vision and made our everyday life more easier than ever. So emerging robotics into medical science is known medical robotics. Medical Robots are now not boxed within sci-fi movies,they are reality.They support, assist and extend their helping hands for a healthy life.statistics says medical robotics has enhanced the quality of medical science much more higher in past few decades.Now a days it is not only bounded to surgical robotics, it is wide spread in various other field of...

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Exoskeleton And It’s Applications

What is Exoskeleton? From A Greek word “Exo” means outer and “Skeletos” means skeleton, the word “Exoskeleton” originated. Theoretically Exoskeleton means it provides external support and protections to a living being with comparison to  internal skeleton or endoskeleton. Here i’m talking about Robotic Exoskeleton. It is an external structural mechanism with joints & links powered by electric motors, Pneumatic, levers, hydraulics or combination of 2 or more technologies to mimic the limbs movement corresponding to those of the human body. In recent years Robotic Exoskeleton became a major part Robotic industry,though a decade ago it  used to be only confined...

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Assistance For Patients With Difficulties In Lower Extremity

“If no one answers your call…..Then walk alone…(be not afraid) walk alone my friend…!”                                                                                                                                      – Tagore Yes my friend you can walk alone even if you’ve difficulties in lower extremity without leaning on...

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Do We Need Another Hand For Our Assistance.

First of all we need to know what is Robotic manipulator  and why we need this in our everyday life. Scientific Definition of Robotic Manipulator is : It is a type of mechanical arm usually programmable , with similar functions to a human arm, the arm may be the sum total of the mechanism or may be part of a more complex robot.The links of such a manipulator are connected by joints allowing either rotational motion (such as in an articulated robot) or transnational (linear) displacement.The terminus of the kinematic chain of the manipulator is called the end effector and it is...

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#define move_forward { analogWrite(M1a,spd);digitalWrite(M1b,LOW);analogWrite(M2a,spd);digitalWrite(M2b,LOW); } #define move_backward { digitalWrite(M1a,LOW);analogWrite(M1b,spd);digitalWrite(M2a,LOW);analogWrite(M2b,spd); } #define move_left { analogWrite(M1a,spd);digitalWrite(M1b,LOW);digitalWrite(M2a,LOW);analogWrite(M2b,spd); } #define move_right { digitalWrite(M1a,LOW);analogWrite(M1b,spd);analogWrite(M2a,spd);digitalWrite(M2b,LOW); } #define move_stop { digitalWrite(M1a,LOW);digitalWrite(M1b,LOW);digitalWrite(M2a,LOW);digitalWrite(M2b,LOW); } #define M1b 6 #define M1a 5 #define M2b 10 #define M2a 9 #define spd 150 #include <IRremote.h> IRrecv irrecv(11); decode_results results; String s,s1=””; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); irrecv.enableIRIn(); pinMode(M1b,OUTPUT); pinMode(M1a,OUTPUT); pinMode(M2b,OUTPUT); pinMode(M2a,OUTPUT); } void loop() { if(irrecv.decode(&results)) { s=String(int(results.value)); Serial.println(s); irrecv.resume(); if(s==”-1″&&s1!=””) s=s1; if(s==”21420″) { move_forward; } else if(s==”19380″) { move_backward; } else if (s==”-26266″) { move_left; } else if (s==”-31876″) { move_right; } else if (s==”29580″) { move_stop; } s1=s; delay(50); } else...

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