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Factors that contribute to your risk of catching viruses. Version of the windows operating system. Security software’s or antivirus . Uses of computer by people. How many websites you visit. Do you normally open any email attachments even though you do not know the source....

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Everyone has heard of Computer Viruses but not everyone understands how they actually works. What is it actually? In simple terms its code that clones itself and spread over network or though removal media such as CD, DVD, US etc . They always have purpose that is either deleting files or codes, creating errors in programs. How they enter in your system? Through email attachments, downloaded programs from unverified sources. It basically infects the other system related files and sometimes replicate itself to do more damages. So now the question is how many types of computer virus are there...

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Malware: Mostly online threats comes from Malware. Malware or Malicious Software has been since the computer came to existence. Early ones were not made by people with bad intention . they were results more of lousy programming or error in programs. Some caused system crashes which are commonly known as BUGS. Question remains who creates them then?  These programs are written by some people With thorough knowledge of computing. they can be Hackers, Criminals, Businesses and recently found Government funded organisations. How they Get in to your system then? Malware can get in to your computer system in various ways...

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