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Child Protection in Windows 10

Internet is full of resources but for naive kids it can be a minefield. Almost everything is available in the internet and specially Social media, kids just love it. Parents nightmare. Well there are ways to control a kids access to internet though. Its called Child Protection feature of windows 10. All you gotta do is to: 1. Login as administrator. 2. Go to settings > Accounts > Family & other users > Add a family member 3. Fill up all the details and activate the account by accepting the invitation. Add the email If you do not have...

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How to show seconds in taskBar clock Windows 10 – Registry

By default windows 10 clock in taskbar only shows hours and Minutes . But if you want you can actually see seconds as well by doing some registry tricks. Click on cortana and type in the Search area REGEDIT. Inside the registry editor navigate till the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced 3. In the right hand pane create a new  DWORD 32 bit value and name it ShowSecondsInSystemClock and set its value to 1. 4. Then restart the computer and you should be able to see that your clock shows seconds as well...

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REMOVE LOCK SCREEN Windows -10 Shortcuts

It’s an annoying sometimes when you are in a hurry .. There is a way to remove the lock screen though. Click on cortana and type in the Search area regedit. Inside the registry editor navigate till the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Then select the Personalisation key and select New before choosing DWORD (32-bit) Value. Then select New Value #1 in the right-hand panel, and press F2 to rename it to NO LOCK SCREEN Then double click it, and change the value data to 1 and then click OK.   Then restart the computer and you should see NO lock screen.   P.s :...

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“Something went wrong” MS Office

Sometimes when you try to start an Office app, you might get this error. Follow these steps to fix the problem. Restart your computer. Sign in and restart your application. In most cases these steps solves the issue. But if it is still their you can try repairing the app.   To Repair the app in Windows 10   Right click on Start button. Click on Control Panel. From category view under the Programs Select Uninstall a program. Right click on the office Product Select repair Then change. Select How would you like to repair your Office Programs screen. Then select Online...

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WiFi Issues and Solutions

Almost everyone these days has WiFi at their home. Pretty useful than cables. Sometimes we do get troubles with it.Known networks doesn’t seem to connect. Slow, No internet connection.  Even home networks does not connect even though you are putting the right password. Solutions: Check your laptops WiFi button whether its connected or not; in other words check the colors of the led tucked in with that button. alternately you can click on the WiFi icon on task bar. right at the corner. Sometimes it can be windows update issue. so please run the windows update and install all...

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