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Trillion-tonne iceberg breaks off WA ice shelf.

London- One of world’s largest ever recorded , a trillion ton iceberg has broken off from Larsen C ice sheet in the West Antarctic. It weighs about mind boggling trillion tons and has a sizable area of 5800 sq km. Almost in Four times the size of london , twice the size of Luxembourg. It is about 190 meters thick or 57 stories. The process of calving is common in Antarctica. Happens almost every day. Between 10th and 12th July breaking off process occurred. NASA detected the process. Adrian Luckman , leader of the UK’s Midas project  and professor of glaciology at Swansea University...

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Indian base in Antarctica will be replaced

Maitri base in Antarctica will be replaced by a brand new base in the next three to four years. It was built in 1988 – 1989,  and expected to serve 10 years only but this base has already outlived more than two times of its projected mission time. The expert panels from EIL and SERC-CSIR have studied the base and recommended for its replacement due to weakness in the structure. Maitri base is considered  as a gateway to one of the largest mountain chains in central Dronning Maud land, located south of Schirmache. It is a relatively inland station ,...

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ISRO to send 4 teams to Antarctica

ISRO has confirmed that they are joining 36th scientific mission to Antarctica this year and also sending 4 teams. Teams are from : Space application center Ahmadabad. Space physics laboratory Thiruvananthapuram. National Remote Sensing Center Dehradun Indian Institute of Remote Sensing Dehradun The main objective of the mission is to install stakes on ice for Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) measurement around indias two Antarctica bases Bharati and Maitri. Another objective of the mission is to study snow melt and freeze dynamics in Antarctica using space and land base observations. Mission has been organized by...

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