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Doklam stand-off

London: It Started in mid-June when India opposed China’s border road project in Doklam plateau which lies in a tri-junction between china, Indian state of Sikkim and Kingdom of Bhutan.  It has been over a month now. And the stand-off between world’s largest and third largest army has jolted the Asian peninsula. India’s direct involvement in Doklam region at the request of Bhutan has shocked China’s communist stronghold, Beijing. Some are still in disbelief that India can take such a sturdy action against the country which is about to take leadership of the world. China wants India to withdraw unconditionally...

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Can China beat India?

London: All started when China defied India’s repeated warning. India repeatedly ask China not to meddle in disputed Pak occupied Kashmir and start any project(CPEC) which has been the epicenter of India Pakistan enmity. Since then lot has been said but now Chinese media has gone one step further . It now warns India almost everyday with war and dire consequences. Reminder after reminder of 1962 war has been given to India by communist media. Even some Chinese expert suggests that Beijing should send military in disputed POK to protect its interest. But now the question remains,  Can really China defeat India? Might...

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