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Energy sector in Nepal

Nepal is one of the greenest country in the world,  sitting on top of the world , home to world’s highest peak Mount Everest. Its nonparallel picturesque terrains offers people breathtaking experiences. But after the sunset, problem starts. Power cuts. Nepal has no known major oil, gas, or coal reserves, Much of its electricity comes from hydro power, almost 85 % to 90 % . There are plants in Nepal which are producing electricity but are not really enough for ever growing population . Electricity issues has become nightmarish for its  28.51 m people (2015 census). Nepal is facing a enormous power crisis...

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How India is becoming the global champion in reducing carbon emissions

According to CAT or Climate Action Tracker’s newly released data shows that India reducing usage of coal drastically and slowly becoming a champion in reducing global carbon emissions , at this rate global leadership on climate change is bound to change. Ironically India was almost accused of derailing the Paris Agreement due to their defiance to cut down on coal usages because most of its antique power plants are coal based. But since then a lot has changed , current PM Modi’s government has stepped up, from new solar park to nuclear power plant, hydroelectric power plants to wind turbines...

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World’s Largest Solar Power Project

In the midst of pollution and climate change and at a time when the whole world is suffering from global warming India’s newly started solar park is nothing less than a gentle breeze of fresh air. India’s effort to cut down usages of fossil fuel is right on track. India’s Adani Power has built the world largest solar park recently which will provide clean solar energy to over 1.5m home. Kamuthi Solar Power project funded by Adani Power is a solar park situated near Kamuthi in Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu. Spread over 2500 acres or 10 km2 , this is the largest solar Power...

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