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Trillion-tonne iceberg breaks off WA ice shelf.

London- One of world’s largest ever recorded , a trillion ton iceberg has broken off from Larsen C ice sheet in the West Antarctic. It weighs about mind boggling trillion tons and has a sizable area of 5800 sq km. Almost in Four times the size of london , twice the size of Luxembourg. It is about 190 meters thick or 57 stories. The process of calving is common in Antarctica. Happens almost every day. Between 10th and 12th July breaking off process occurred. NASA detected the process. Adrian Luckman , leader of the UK’s Midas project  and professor of glaciology at Swansea University...

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India’s war on fossil fuel continues. All electric car by 2030.

Pollution kills more than terrorism. It may sound bit harsh and comparison might not appropriate but truth is that Millions around the world every year dies due to pollution. India is one of the most badly effected country by the pollution and one of the largest carbon emitter , 4 th in the last just after China, USA, Russia. India is leaving no stone upturned to remove that tag. As if it started a war on pollution and uses of fossil fuel. India has already building new nuclear power plants, solar parks, has increased productivity of locally manufactured solar panels,...

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