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5 Hidden Google chrome features

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google.  There are plenty cool features in chrome we have not used before. Even though we use it every day. Some of them are below. 1. Task Manager Click on the three dots underneath close option on the browser . Select More tools. Then Task Manager.               2. Data Saver One of many extension Google Chrome offers. Useful for faster loading.           3. View Site Information Click on the lock sign or i sign. And new list of things will pop out. It allows you...

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How to back up entire Google Chrome Settings

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browser in the world. Windows users uses it almost every time they browse internet. Sometimes windows crashes or browser stopped working and here comes the nightmare. We lose the entire history , saved password (Although not recommended to save password in the browser), bookmarks etc. So how about we take the entire back up. Steps are below: You need click on the three horizontal lines/dots at the top- right of Google chrome – go to settings. or you could just type in the browser chrome://settings/ In settings you need to sign...

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