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1001 days in orbit and counting.

June 19,2017 . Mars Orbiter Mission or affectionately known as MOM, India’s first interplanetary Mission has completed 1000 Earth days or 973.24 Martian Solar days in Martian orbit. So far it has completed 388 orbits. Initially mission life was expected to be only 180 days but as of today it has finished 1000 days in the orbit and scientists are expecting that the spacecraft will be operational and orbit Mars for another 5 years as it is in a very good condition and it has got about 13 kg of fuel left. Spacecraft was launched in 5th November , 2013...

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NISAR the billion dollar satellite.

NISAR or NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar is a joint venture between NASA and ISRO . It will be co-developed by both agencies and launched from India via GSLV or Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle in 2021 . Satellite has been planned to launch in Sun-synchronous dawn to dusk orbit with 98° inclination. This will also be the world’s first radar imaging satellite which will use dual frequency and remote sensing so natural process of earth can be observed from ground stations. Satellite will use dual frequency S and L band,  As per agreements ISRO will provide Satellite bus and S-band synthetic aperture radar(12-centimeter wavelength),...

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Indian Space Research organisation or ISRO is eyeing for second Mars mission by 2021 or 2022, as per reports they might put a lander. India become the first country to reach Mars in first attempt, entered orbit in 2014, although it was more of a technology demonstrator but it was an excellent achievement, India’s excellence in science and tech field. MOM mission was a one of a kind project and it still beams back data to earth. it was a marvel of engineering. Even though its methane sensor failed to detect methane but still sends back images and other data. In 2017 union...

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How ISRO is becoming the everyone’s favourite

ISRO launched 104 satellites at one mission in February, 2017 and broke the Russian record of 37 satellites at one go.  Before that successful Mars Orbiter Mission and become the first country to send a satellite in Mars in first attempt. before that Lunar mission Chandrayan -1 in 2008 which helped to find water Molecules in Moon. A country of a 1.28+ bn people, no doubt it was a time for national pride. India has been in the space arena for quite a long time now. So why everyone these days choosing ISRO over NASA or European Space Agency....

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