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How to create a signature and add a logo to your Outlook e-mail?

How to create a signature and add a logo to your Outlook e-mail? If you log in on your online e-mail account, then follow these instructions: Log in online into your e-mail and click on the symbol Settings     Select Option down at the bottom of the Settings Scroll down the menu bar, that will appear on the left side and choose : Layout, E-mail Signature Click “automatically include my signature on new messages I compose”, and “Automatically on messages I forward or send to have your signature every time you compose a new e-mail”. Add the Txt...

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How to set up an automatic reply in outlook in three easy steps?

Check the image on how to set up easily an automatic reply in Outlook 2016, when you are out of the office or on holiday. In three easy Steps: Choose the option File from the menu bar in Outlook 2016 Click on Info and then select the Option Automatic Reply Finally on the window Automatic replies, select the dates and time and do not forget to add the text. Easy Tutorial in Picture: i) .Click on “File” ii) Click on the Info and select the option “Automatic Reply” (as in the image below) iii) Subsequently select “Send automatic reply”...

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Outlook 2016 Know how

Outlook Task list No Task Remarks 1. Download the Office 365 agent Login to office 365 online account with user id and password 2. Install Office and activation Same user id and password 3. Outlook Signature File – Option – Mail – Signature 4. Outlook Auto archiving File – option – Advanced – Auto archive settings 5. Outlook Auto archiving import File – Open & Export  – Open Outlook Data File  6. Outlook Calendar File – Option – calendar 7. Outlook calendar sharing & Permission Click on calendar view – then right at the top Ribbon bar click on...

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