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Fat boy in Space

One of a kind , a power full rocket soared  in to the space from Satish Dhawan Space center, Sriharikota. On June 5th, 2017 India has successfully launched GSLV MK III D1 with hopes that one day it will be able to carry Astronauts in to the space , a feat has already been achieved by indias immediate neighbor and space rival china. USA and Russia were the other two countries achieved this feat . At 5:28 PM , It’s indigenously built cryogenic engine roared and with 2.2 million pounds of thrust from 2 solid rocket boosters took the Indian behemoth into...

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ISRO to launch its most powerful rocket in June.

Indian space research organization has planned to launch its more powerful rocket till date which could carry up to 4 tonnes of satellite. This could be a game changer for ISRO as its current capacity is around 2.2 tonnes. Its bigger and heavier satellites are currently being launched by European Space agency but it cost big bucks. GSLV MKIII has third stage Cryogenic engine and higher payload capacity than the current GSLV MK II. Satellite would carry Ka and Ku-band transponders and also a GRASP or Geostationary radiation Spectrometer to monitor Main purpose of this launch  is to send satellites into geostationary...

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India’s space diplomacy

On 5th of May , 2017 ISRO has launched another satellite , well whats new about ISRO launching satellites ? Why everyone is talking about it? What is so special about this launch? To be honest this is a pretty special launch from India’s perspective. ISRO has launched the South Asia Satellite today which was supposed to be called SAARC satellite but Pakistan refused to be a part of the project and restricted itself from from receiving the gift from India. This satellite was financed entirely by India and also developed by ISRO in 3 years. It was launched by Geo-synchronous Satellite...

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Pakistan is not included in South Asia Satellite project says ISRO chief

On 5th of may India is going to launch the South Asia satellite formerly known as SAARC satellite but as Pakistan didn’t show any significant willingness to join and later opted out  from the project, name has been changed to South Asia satellite. With lift off mass is roughly around 2200 Kg , a GSAT- 09 rocket will be launched from Sriharikota space center which will carry the satellite with 12 Ku-band responders , capacity each 36 MHz to 54 MHz. This satellite will be used for  disaster support and communication purposes. satellite mission life is about 12 years. This entire project...

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Bangladesh signed agreement with India regarding South Asian Satellite

Agreement between the government of Republic of India and Government of people’s republic of Bangladesh concerning to orbit frequency co ordination of south Asia satellite proposed at 48. E is name of the agreement. ISRO officials have stated that the satellite will be launched by March 2017 on-board a GSLV Mark II from Satish Dhawan Space center. Satellite will have 12 res-ponders , one of them will be gifted to Bangladesh as a friendly gesture. Apart from Bangladesh Bhutan, Maldives,  Nepal and Sri Lanka will be part of the project. Initially dubbed as SAARC satellite but refusal from Pakistan and...

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