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1001 days in orbit and counting.

June 19,2017 . Mars Orbiter Mission or affectionately known as MOM, India’s first interplanetary Mission has completed 1000 Earth days or 973.24 Martian Solar days in Martian orbit. So far it has completed 388 orbits. Initially mission life was expected to be only 180 days but as of today it has finished 1000 days in the orbit and scientists are expecting that the spacecraft will be operational and orbit Mars for another 5 years as it is in a very good condition and it has got about 13 kg of fuel left. Spacecraft was launched in 5th November , 2013...

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RLV-TD | Reusable Launch Vehicle—Technology Demonstrator by ISRO

Reusable Launch Vehicle—Technology Demonstrator is an unmanned spacecraft being developed by Indian Space Research Organisation. Program consists of development of hyper-sonic rockets with air breathing engine and reusable launch vehicle. It has successfully been tested on 23rd may, 2016, launched from Satish Dhawan Space center for 770 seconds and reached at the altitude of 40 miles. This was a prototype to understand various technologies involved, design and development phase, final version to be completed by 2030. Main aim of the project is to cut down the cost of payload delivery to low orbit earth by 80% which is currently almost $20 to $25 thousand...

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Avatar or Aerobic Vehicle for Transatmospheric Hypersonic Aerospace TranspoRtation is a spacecraft that can take off from any conventional airfield just like in Hollywood movies. It is being developed by DRDO i. e Defense Research and Development Organisation for military as well as commercial purposes. Still in the design phase , it was expected to be tested by 2016 but still no confirmation of testing yet. Its air cycle engine would collect air and liquefy it and separate Oxygen and store it on board for subsequent flight beyond earths atmosphere. It was first announced in May 1998 during Aero India show...

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