Cryptocurrencies Hidden inside a Painting or Games, ETH or BTH might be yours can you solve the puzzles?

A real prize for puzzle solvers

Marguerite deCourcelle CEO of Blockade Games, is the coin artist who become popular after inventing the crypto-art puzzle.

After the artist tweeted an image of the notorious “Bitcoin puzzle”, in which she has hidden complex ciphers containing as a reward 5 BTC coordinates, and solved in January 2018, new puzzle-games have been launched.

Within a beautiful painting, the artist, known by the pseudonym @coin_artist, had encrypted the Bitcoin prizes, the first of which was solved only after three years the challenge was launched online.








Another spectacular mosaic art work by DeCourcelle, is the 2014 “Dark Wallet Puzzle”, a painting featuring two crypto anarchist that hides a key.        (the image below).






“The 2014 “Dark Wallet Puzzle”

DeCourcelle launched in 2018  Blockade Games Inc. , since then the company has released a site full of puzzle games called Pineapple Arcade.

The website  Pineapple Arcade as of today offers to pay more than 17.5 BTC and 15 ETH in prizes.

If you are up for a challenge you might be the next winner. Have fun! And let us know what you think!

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