Human-being,an extremely intelligent fly-1452119creature in this galaxy till now,has invented almost millions of useful and time saving upshots.Quad-copter ,one of the finest creations recently has made the list long.In the last few decades ,small scale unmanned aerial vehicles have created a lot of buzz among the folks and Quad-copter is one of them.

If we break the word Quad-copter into pieces ,then Quad stands for “four” and Copter means “helicopter“.It has also a pet name “Drone“.It is basically an Aerial Robot combining simple Propeller Mechanism with advanced Electronics ideas .

The Bell Boeing Quad Tilt rotor concept takes the fixed Quad-copter concept further .Every 24*7 Scientists and engineers are trying to make Drone more efficient and more worthy for further implementation. In today’s world where we are almost living a robotic life,Robots are giving us a chance to live our  lives fully and in a most possible easiest way. That is why this aerial robot has already made a huge popularity among various fields like Military & Law enforcement , research institutes and even in commercial use purpose.

After googling about this skillful robot you might think that it’s a very complicated and mind-boggling process to make this in your own home.But trust me, if a freshman of engineering ,like me can make a quad-copter which can lift approximately 4 kg of weight in the sky ,then I guess who has a little idea about Electronics,Programming Languages and Aerodynamics will surely be successful in making various kinds of Drones in their homes.

In my next article i’ll share every little information about a handy Quad-copter which you can make easily in your home.Till then just assemble all your knowledge about basic Electronics, Coding and simple Aerodynamics.