In this smart world we all are partially or some of us are fully relying on our Smart phones. Leading a busy life is now not an option for us but became a harsh reality. We young generation most of the free time like to spend either on our Laptops or Phones.  Instead of  Facebooking or WhatsApping you can really enjoy your leisure time by using all these 5 cool Android Apps .

All these 5 apps  are learning tools yet they are fun. All of these apps are available in Google play store . Links are

1. Linkedin



So here comes my one of the favorite apps Linkedin .

⊕  It’s not only a professional social media but also a great forum for sharing & reading             different kinds of articles, news, interviews etc.


⊕  You can connect with people who belong to your professional field and get to know                their stories all over the world. This app is helpful for getting jobs also.





⊕  It is one of the best educational apps I’ve ever come across. you can find a huge number       of  people are always ready to give your ans. Even you can reply to someone’s query if           you are master in that topic .

⊕  Being a robot enthusiast i follow some of the robotics pages and fellow engineering               professional writers.You can follow anyone or anything which you like most.

⊕  You don’t need to mug up on your book always, instead some Quoran’s interesting way       of expressing information can stick to your brain.

⊕  But sometimes it is a bit crazy too, as some people asks crazy staffs.

⊕  And finally before believing blindly any ans please recheck that as they could be                    sugarcoated also .


3. Words with friends Classic 

⊕ This app can increase your vocabulary yet it is a fun game. You can play with your                 online friends and invite anyone to play with you via Facebook game request. Or even         you play solo too.

⊕ Everyday you can learn some new words through this game.







4. Sketch- Draw & Paint

 ⊕  This the most creative app for artistic people,who loves to sketch               but because of the heavy schedule he/she doesn’t get enough time           to draw in pen & papers.

⊕   Those people in their break time can try this app and have fun.

⊕    you can share your sketch in sketch online forum where you can                find lots of amazing sketches like yours.


5. Walnut All Banks Money Manager 

⊕  Although people doesn’t really trust those apps where their bank details can be                       revealed and it is also sensible not to share any of your confidential details anywhere           online.

⊕  But this app doesn’t ask your bank details .So don’t get panicked. This app only ask                your permission to access your texts. from there it calculates your monthly                              expenditure.

⊕ You can fix a budget for every months.

⊕  you can compare your previous spending  with current one. Even this app helps to split        your  restaurant or travel bills with your friends.


All these 5 Android apps help me get sorted my life every day. Whenever I’m on break instead of using same Facebook or whatsapp I really enjoy these app.

Links for all these apps: