London: Chinese Ministry on Wednesday said that they were unaware of PLA entering Indian territory. It has also said that they believe in peace along the borders.

According to media reports , approximately 15 PLA army personal on Tuesday 15th of August tried to trespass in to the Indian territory along banks of the Pangong lake in Ladakh.

Indo- Tibetan border guards asked them to withdraw from the area but PLA refused. Despite repeated warnings when they didn’t stop,  ITBP stopped them from entering in to Indian territory by forming a human chain. The stand off lasted for about two hours, no arms were used.More like hand to hand tussle .

There were reports of even Chinese soldiers pelting stones at Indian army personals, later responded by Indian army which resulted minor injuries on both sides.

China and India has been engaged in a bitter stand off in Doklam for the past two months. It started in June when Indian army at the request of Bhutanese government stopped Chinese workers from building a road in a disputed territory in Doklam. A territory both claimed by Bhutan and China. China accused India of trespassing in Chinese territory , a charge which was dismissed by Bhutan and India.

World specially USA has been closely following the incident and concerned about situation. It has urged both nuclear armed powers to resolve the issue via dialogue.
“We encourage India and China to engage in direct dialogue aimed at reducing tensions and free of any coercive aspects,” Gary Ross, a defense department spokesman told PTI.

Chinese incursions into India territory are not something new. Both countries accuses each other of trespassing. In 2013 PLA sent its soldiers in Ladakh which ended up in a three week stand off between two armies. One of the worst border violation by the Chinese.

Image was taken from Google Maps. This image is not an actual representation.