Agreement between the government of Republic of India and Government of people’s republic of Bangladesh concerning to orbit frequency co ordination of south Asia satellite proposed at 48. E is name of the agreement.

ISRO officials have stated that the satellite will be launched by March 2017 on-board a GSLV Mark II from Satish Dhawan Space center. Satellite will have 12 res-ponders , one of them will be gifted to Bangladesh as a friendly gesture.

Apart from Bangladesh Bhutan, Maldives,  Nepal and Sri Lanka will be part of the project. Initially dubbed as SAARC satellite but refusal from Pakistan and Afghanistan to join has led the change of name to South Asia
Satellite. India will finance , design, develop, launch and maintain the satellite which has been intended to telecommunication purposes.

The satellite will have lifespan of 12 years and will cover the entire SAARC area. This satellite is  a gift to SAARC countries from India.