Whats new in windows 10 ?Are apps better in windows 10 ? Loads of question must be popping out right now .

Below are the list of few features Windows has upgraded and added.

Start Menu

Microsoft faced criticism when they removed the start menu from Windows 8 operating system. But in Windows 10 start menu is back.

Microsoft Edge

We all have been using Internet explorer all our lives. Now Microsoft has built and introduced a new type of browser which can be a rival to Safari and Chrome. It has some unique features like annotation tool, text only reader mode.

Internet Explorer

You may be thinking Microsoft has killed the Internet Explorer . Well guess what its immortal . just kidding!. You can still use it.

Multi- Desktop

Some of us like to run loads of programs at a same time. Switching between apps can be sometimes hectic . Click on the Task View on the task bar or WINDOWS button + TAB.  It allows you to manage multiple desktops.

Tablet Mode

Don’t worry you can still use tablet mode. In windows 8 tablet mode and desktop mode both got mixed up but in windows 10 this more clearer.


Cortana is a voice assistant introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. For search and Control.

Windows Explorer got better

The new Windows explorer is more resource full . It shows you a Quick Access list of useful locations and folders you visit frequently etc.

Scheduled restart

If the update has been installed , you can now schedule the restart. No need get panicked by “you got 10 or 15 minutes to restart “.

Direct X 12

Microsoft has added Direct X 12 in Windows 10. Its powerful and speeds up performances and works well with many existing graphics cards.

Phone Companion

Windows 10 works with your phone. App call phone companion allows you to set up your phone with your PC. They have Android and iPhone compatible version as well.

Windows Notification centre

All operating system has notification centre and now Microsoft has added as well. Right next to the date and time section in task bar, you will find the ACTION CENTRE.


Source: Microsoft 

Image credit: Pixabay