English Grammar:

-Definite Article
-Indefinite Article
-Zero Article
Personal pronouns, possessive adjectives and pronouns
-Demonstrative Adjectives
Some and Any, No
-How to use adjectives in a sentence
-Comparative and superlative adjectives
-The order of adjectives
-Example of adverbs
– Much and Many
-Adverbs of quantity:, a lot, Very, Few
-Too much, too many, too few, too little
-Preposition of place
-Between  and Among
-Preposition of time
-Prepositions after verbs and nouns
-Interrogative Pronouns
-Personal Pronouns
-Possessive Pronouns
-Demonstrative Pronouns
Relative Pronouns
-Relative pronouns
Saxon Genitive
-Saxon Genitive
-Plural of nouns
-Countable – Uncountable Nouns
Basic Question Forms
– The 5 W : Who, When, Why, What and Where

-If, If and whether clause
False Friends
-Similar words in other languages with different meaning in English
-English Verbs
-Regular Verbs and Irregular Verbs
-To Be
-To Have
-Simple Present
-Present continuous
-To like, To Dislike
-Can and Cannot
– Verbs ending in -ing
-There is and There are
-Present continuous
-Simple Past
-Used + Infinitive
-Present Perfect
-Present Perfect Continuous
-Past Perfect
-Past Perfect Continuous
-Future continuous
-Future Perfect (continuous)
-Will and Be going to
-The future seen from the past
-Modal Verbs
-Can, Could
-Be able to, allowed to
-May and Might : possibility
-Must and Have (got) to
-Need (not), don’t need to, don’t have to
-Should, ought to and had better
-Forming Passive sentences
-Phrasal Verbs
-To like
-To do and to make
-Question Tags

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 Demonstrative Adjectives

 Singular  Plural
(Here) This These
(There) That Those



-This pen                                                                                    -These pens        


-That pen 

-Those pens



  1. This movie is boring 
  2. These are my shoes
  3. I love that cake
  4. These flowers are beautiful.
  5. They like that shop.


*If you do not want to repeat the same name in a sentence, you can use the word one for singular and ones for plurals  .


-This is my dog, that one is Mike’s.

-These are my gloves, those ones are John’s.        


When do we use the Demonstratives:                  

Rule           Sentence
We use This to introduce someone in an informal way This is my friend Leo
We use This is…. and That is… on the phone

This is …. is used to introduce oneself.

That is normally used to ask if you are talking to the right person.

Hi, this is Sherlock,


Hello, is that Alex?


Hello is that you, Alex

In some expressions like:

That’s right,

Or to express what just happened

That’s correct


That party was amazing


That’s is also used to emphasize a sentence That’s what I was saying



  1. He likes _________ books.
  2. Can you pass me _____ pen please?
  3. _____ bottle of water is cold.
  4. Hello, is ______ John? Yes, it is.
  5. _______ buildings are old.




  1. These
  2. Those
  3. That/This
  4. This
  5. Those/These


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