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-Zero Article
Personal pronouns, possessive adjectives and pronouns
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False Friends
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-The future seen from the past
-Modal Verbs
-Can, Could
-Be able to, allowed to
-May and Might : possibility
-Must and Have (got) to
-Need (not), don’t need to, don’t have to
-Should, ought to and had better
-Forming Passive sentences
-Phrasal Verbs
-To like
-To do and to make
-Question Tags

                         Zero Article

In English grammar, zero article is when a noun or a phrase either in speech or in writing is not preceded by an article.


Is a common Error to use the article in front of each and every noun, let’s have a look on the English rules:

We use the Zero Article with:

Rule Example  Sentence
Plural and Uncountable Nouns People, cats, animals


There are many people, Animals are in the zoo,

I drink water

Abstract nouns Joy, happiness, education All that matters in life is happiness,

Education is very important

Names of: people, places, streets, Jack, Brian, Monica She speaks with Jack
Academic subjects History, Maths, Physics, Psychology History is a boring subject,

We study Physics in school

Games and sport Chess, Football Italians love football,

He plays chess

Meals Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch Breakfast is important,

You are late for dinner

Movement or Transport By bus, by car, on foot John travels by bus, I am leaving town by car
Days, months Monday, Tuesday,


I go to school on Monday,

My birthday is in September

Newspaper Headlines, user guides, notices Car crash, S Car crash on the highway, give kids time
Noun + Number Room 54, platform 10 The train leaves from platform 10



  1. Dogs are special.
  2. The most important ability is courage.
  3. I gave the book to Leo.
  4. Do you speak Italian?
  5. He plays football.
  6. The largest planet in the Solar System is Jupiter.
  7. Please open the book to page 100.
  8. My birthday is on Tuesday.
  9. I go to work by bus.
  10. BBC News : Crocodile found in Australian streets
  11. Departures are from platform 11.


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