Energy sector in Nepal

Energy sector in Nepal

Nepal is one of the greenest country in the world,  sitting on top of the world , home to world's highest peak Mount Everest. Its nonparallel picturesque terrains offers people breathtaking experiences. But after the sunset, problem starts. Power cuts. Nepal has no...

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ISRO to send 4 teams to Antarctica

ISRO to send 4 teams to Antarctica

ISRO has confirmed that they are joining 36th scientific mission to Antarctica this year and also sending 4 teams. Teams are from : Space application center Ahmadabad. Space physics laboratory Thiruvananthapuram. National Remote Sensing Center Dehradun Indian...

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Koo vs Twitter : India's new social media platform.
Started in India but available even in UK and other countries. Read the article to find out more 🐤 🐤 🐤 🐤
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Safe Browsing, helps protect against the most common threats on the web: phishing, malware,and harmful downloads. Do you know how to enable the feature in Google Chrome?Prevention is crucial, read our article below for more information: https://www.cipher101.com/2021/02/04/how-to-enable-safe-browsing-in-google-chrome/ #Security #internet

Crypto-jacking is a process to access victims’ device to mine digital currencies and is classified as Cybercrime.
How does it spread? Could your machine be affected?
Find out more in the article below.
https://www.cipher101.com/2021/02/01/what-is-cryptojacking/#cryptocurrency #cryptotrading #technology #TechNews

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