ISRO or Indian Space Research Organization has successfully run trial of an indigenously built Eco friendly Solar Hybrid Electric car at their VSSC or Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, Thirivananthapuram.  VSSC is currently building Reusable launch vehicle.

ISRO stated “An ideal transportation system should envisage zero emission without any pollution,”

ISRO used a Maruti Omni car and solar panel on top of it.  The car uses a high- energy lion battery which recharges through sunlight. People might complain about the look but in the end the technology that matters .

ISRO has solved one very basic issue though “millage”, this is a very well known word in India. India just loves it and having a solar panel fixed on top of the car gives that extra edge over other foreign made solar powered hybrid cars. Solar panel on top and never ending Sunlight, its just like a perfect combo for an Indian road trip.

Components : 1 Solar Panel, Integral gearbox, Control electronics, high-energy lithium ion batteries. Energy conversion kit and a car off-course ..

As an Eco friendly organization ISRO has always reservation against fossil fuel and continuously working hard to cut down usage of fossil fuel.

ISRO is now drawing out plans to cut down its production cost.

Image Courtesy and News Source: ISRO