Maitri base in Antarctica will be replaced by a brand new base in the next three to four years.

It was built in 1988 – 1989,  and expected to serve 10 years only but this base has already outlived more than two times of its projected mission time.

The expert panels from EIL and SERC-CSIR have studied the base and recommended for its replacement due to weakness in the structure.

Maitri base is considered  as a gateway to one of the largest mountain chains in central Dronning Maud land, located south of Schirmache. It is a relatively inland station , about 100 km away from shores and situated at the height of 50 m above sea level.

The station has one main building, fuel farm, fuel station, lake water pump house, a summer camp and a number of smaller containerized modules. It can support up to 25 personal in summer as well as winter .

Maitri base is very vital for indias antertic mission so as per government of India’s decision , this base will be replaced somewhere more favorable and friendly location.

India is drafting laws for its antertic missions to safeguards its activities in Antarctica and currently follows international laws.

And India is also finalizing the budget of the new base , as per government of India website that will be some where between 500  to 520 crores rupees (roughly £60 m )

Source : Gov’t of India
mage Courtesy : Ncaor