ISRO launched 104 satellites at one mission in February, 2017 and broke the Russian record of 37 satellites at one go.  Before that successful Mars Orbiter Mission and become the first country to send a satellite in Mars in first attempt. before that Lunar mission Chandrayan -1 in 2008 which helped to find water Molecules in Moon.

A country of a 1.28+ bn people, no doubt it was a time for national pride.
India has been in the space arena for quite a long time now.
So why everyone these days choosing ISRO over NASA or European Space Agency.


1. ISRO’s budget has been heavily boosted by Indian Government.
2. launching through NASA or any other space agency is very expensive , India’s scientists and engineers are relatively paid low compare to other space agency but that doesn’t mean they are getting peanuts according to Indian living standard they are well paid.
3. Some raw materials are quite cheaper than used in western world.
4. PM Modi takes decision suddenly and drastically.  If anything needs to be done , it will be done with out any time waste which his predecessors failed miserably.
5. Diplomatically India is well placed at this moment since the moment PM Modi came to power he started travelling around the world for business. Till date over 50 countries he has visited for business and diplomatic purposes.
6. Young talented individuals from IIT , IISc etc are staying in India these days as government is creating opportunity with in the country.

Everyone wants satellite specially NANO satellites, ISRO is a champion on launching NANO satellites , they are affordable and with 100% launch success rate they are clearly favorite.

To be Continued…..