Are you  a Tech-savvy like me? Do you find Robotics is an interesting step towards future world? If your answer is “yes”,then my friend you are in right locus. Today i’m gonna show you how you can make a simple toy car which you can control through your TV remote.Now you might think how anyone could control a toy car using a TV remote? It seems like insane. But in reality you can make it happen just by hacking the values of every key of remote. So here is the list of every parts you need :

  • A Chassis.
  • Two Wheels.
  • An Axis ball.
  • Two BO DC Motors
  • An Arduino nano with USB cable
  • An Motor drive.
  • An IR Receiver  .
  • Power Distribution Board.
  • A TV Remote.
  • A Battery  of 9v.
  • Few Jumper wires.
  • And Double sided Tape.
  • A laptop (for programming purpose) .
  • Arduino Software (download it from arduino’s official website).

Before starting the fabrication process, here is a brief description about each part of the Remote controlled Toy Car: CHASSIS :This is the base frame of the toy car . Or in simple word it holds  every parts of the toy car except the remote.You can make it by using Carbon steel, carbon fiber or wood with your own design ,which u can do over CAD or any other market available software.Or else you just can simply go for  ready-made chassis from the market or Online .


WHEELS & AXIS-BALL: Wheels are easily available in the can choose rubber wheels for better performance. Axis ball is being used for front rotational motion of the toy car.


    BO DC MOTORS: single shaft plastic gear motor BO series – L shape motor produce good amount of Torque and rpm at lower operating voltage.It converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. You can use  RPM: 60 to 300. and Voltage: 2V DC to 12V DC. BO Arduino nano:The Arduino is a micro-controller board originally was based on the ATmega328, supports wireless serial communication over Bluetooth.Operating Voltage-5v,Input Voltage 2.5-12v,Digital I/O Pins 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output). Arduino Nano Motor Driver Board:A motor driver board is a innovative motor controller through which you can connect your BO motors with Arduino board  directly along with power source. motor_driver_board_with_motor3_500px IR Receiver :IR receiver, is hardware that sends information from an infrared remote control to another device by receiving and decoding  signals,which you can see decoded in form of hexadecimal number in your arduino software’s serial monitor and in your arduino programming it’ll be converted into integer number. Power Distribution Board:A distribution board  is a component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit, in a common enclosure.powerboard6-b    TV Remote: Remote,which you use in your home for operating your Battery : You can use any battery of 9V,either it is rechargeable or nonchargeable for power source.battery-energy-icon Jumper wires:American Wire Gauge (AWG) ,a standard based on the diameter of the wire chosen for RC models,.It determines how much current should go though. As you might know wider diameter wires (thicker) can handle more current.Here we are using FEMALE to FEMALE jumper wires.female-female_jumper_wire For fabricating the TV REMOTE CONTROL TOY CAR you have to assemble all these parts perfectly and with that running an Arduino program properly is much needed.

CLICK HERE —–>  Code for hacking The TV Remote