London: On Friday July the 7th , 2017 India joined the international community and expressed concerns over North Korea’s missile test. And Indian Ministry Of External Affairs has released a strong worded statement condemning North Korea’s ICBM program. North Korea launched a ballistic missile on 4th July , interestingly the day America celebrates Independence day.

MEA said “North Korea’s continued pursuit of nuclear& ballistic missile programmes and proliferation links pose grave threat to international peace. They also impacted India’s national security, call upon North Korea to refrain from such actions that undermine international peace,” reported by ANI.

India and North Korea are thousands of miles apart. one is the world largest democracy and another one is quite the opposite. For some strange reason till 2011 India was one of the largest trading partner of North Korea. And in 2015 -16 India was third largest partner of North Korea.

Even India once trained North Korea’s computer engineers, scientists who later worked in DPRK’s nuclear programs.

In 2002 and 2004, India contributed 2000 tonnes of food grains to help North Korea tide over severe famine like conditions. In 2010, India responded to North Korea’s request for food aid and made available to it 1300 tonnes of pulses and wheat worth $1 million through the UN World Food Programme.[20][21]

Now India has stopped all trade except medicine and baby food with North Korea due to its nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions. An ambition which has already created quite a trouble in the region and for the world.

India’s decision to stop all trade will surely have serious implications in cash strapped North Korean economy. And this will make North Korea more dependent on China. A liability China doesn’t want to entertain.

India has repeatedly condemned North Korean nuclear tests before and views its nuclear programme as a threat to regional security.

In 2009 then external affairs minister  S.M. Krishna said “For North Korea to conduct such a test in violation of its international commitments would be unfortunate.”

North Korea’s ICBM launch test was a “clear and sharp military escalation” and military action remained on the table. said Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN.

Involvement with Pakistan

North Korea is also the strong supporter of Pakistan. Pakistan once helped , may even be continuing to help North Korea in their nuclear program. And we are witnessing shocking results of that now.

North Korea’s ICBM technology was smuggled by ISI and implemented in their medium range missiles which puts almost every major city in its target range. North Korea’s military involvement with its arch rival Pakistan makes India feel uneasy.

On 23 April 2015 North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong visited New Delhi, capital of the Republic of India for talks with Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj on North Korea’s nuclear programme and to request additional humanitarian assistance but no agreement was reached because of the recent North Korean statement in support of Pakistan.

North Korea has an embassy in New Delhi , merely half an hour distance from Rastrapati Bhavan or Presidential Palace. India maintains an embassy in North Korea as well.

Source: Internet Research | FE