On 5th of May , 2017 ISRO has launched another satellite , well whats new about ISRO launching satellites ?
Why everyone is talking about it? What is so special about this launch?
To be honest this is a pretty special launch from India’s perspective. ISRO has launched the South Asia Satellite today which was supposed to be called SAARC satellite but Pakistan refused to be a part of the project and restricted itself from from receiving the gift from India.

This satellite was financed entirely by India and also developed by ISRO in 3 years. It was launched by Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle or GSLV, which was also a test for its home developed cryogenic engine . it has 12 ku band transponders , India’s each neighbors will have access to one each which they can use to improve their communication services. They will need to develop their own ground stations though.

South Asia is a cyclone, tsunami ,earthquake , flood prone area. This satellite will help in weather forecasting , disaster management support. There are other range of services as well Direct To Home or DTH service to India’s rural areas  to Education etc.
Many  might term it as a India’s space diplomacy  to counter china’s aggressive policies towards indias immediate neighbors but its nothing more than a gift to the indias neighbors.  As PM Modi correctly termed it as “Invaluable gift” which is a rare gesture by one country to so many others and unparalleled in space-faring countries.

Tweets from PMO
With this successful launch India has moved itself to elite heavy weight category.
This satellite will help indias neighbors to co-ordinate efforts and support each other during disaster.


Photo: ISRO