Dhola–Sadiya Bridge is all set to open in may , 2017. Once opened it will be the longest bridge over river in India. It will be inaugurated by PM Modi.

Construction started in 2011 with collaboration from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd. Project cost is around 10 bn indian rupees.

When Completed it will be the longest bridge above water in South Asia  and will reduce the travel time between Asam and Arunachal Pradesh by four hours.

5 Facts:
1. 30% longer than Bandra Sea worli link which till date is the longest in India.

2. Crosses Lohit river.

3. It will connect Asam and Arunachal Pradesh.

4. Construction started in 2011 , will finish by May, 2017.

5. Built in such a way so that armored cars as well as heavy artillery , tanks will also be able to travel through the bridge.