Indian space research organization has planned to launch its more powerful rocket till date which could carry up to 4 tonnes of satellite.
This could be a game changer for ISRO as its current capacity is around 2.2 tonnes. Its bigger and heavier satellites are currently being launched by European Space agency but it cost big bucks.

GSLV MKIII has third stage Cryogenic engine and higher payload capacity than the current GSLV MK II. Satellite would carry Ka and Ku-band transponders and also a GRASP or Geostationary radiation Spectrometer to monitor Main purpose of this launch  is to send satellites into geostationary orbits and as a launcher for crew vehicle , indias manned space mission .

ISRO Chairman Dr. AS Kiran Kumar said while speaking to reporter in india “The whole process of assembling the various stages and then integrating the satellite into the heat shield, these activities are going on. First week of June is when we are targeting this launch,”.

If GSLV MKIII launch become successful ISRO will be able to launch satellite into the geostationary orbit of 36,000 km. This launch will also be a test for its ingeniously developed electrical propulsion system, Li-on battery, bus bars for power distribution which will make ISRO’s space journey more cost effective.

ISRO is targeting first week of June for the launch. It will be launched from Sriharokota, Andhra Pradesh near BAY OF BENGAL.

Artists impression Credit: Johnxxx9