Internet is full of resources but for naive kids it can be a minefield. Almost everything is available in the internet and specially Social media, kids just love it. Parents nightmare. Well there are ways to control a kids access to internet though. Its called Child Protection feature of windows 10.

All you gotta do is to:

1. Login as administrator.

2. Go to settings > Accounts > Family & other users > Add a family member

3. Fill up all the details and activate the account by accepting the invitation.

4. To access Web-based control panel


Once you accept the invitation , child account will be added in the list.

Through the control panel you can

a> Block/ Allow websites.

b> Use  web filtering to block unwanted contents.

c> Block downloads.

d> Monitor your kids communication in chat / messengers, email etc.

e>You will get monitoring report of your kids activity in the computer and internet.

f> Access and adjust child safety settings.

Its a great way to control and monitor your kids activity over the internet and computer.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay