Crypto-jacking is a process to access victims’ computer to mine digital currencies. This generally happens when a user unknowingly or misled to install a software which allows the attacker to access the user’s computer to mine cryptocurrencies. Even though it may seem harmless as the attacker may have just taken the victim’s computer to mine digital currencies but Cryptojacking is classified as Cybercrime.

Why attackers’ targets people to mine digital currencies?

Mining digital currencies requires lots of computer processing power, internet bandwidth and electricity. Some countries have also banned digital currencies so for legal reasons as well.

How does it spread?

Like any other virus, through email links, pop ups on your browser, installing free software from untrusted sources etc.

How to find out if you have one Crypto miner virus?

There are few ways to figure out whether you have been a victim of Crypto jacking. Some of them are below.

  1. Check if your computer is slow.
  2. Check if your computer is overheated. If yes, look for performance in Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (mac). Check which programs are running there, how much disk, internet, memory are being used.
  3. Check if your device shuts down due to lack of processing power.
  4. Check your bandwidth speed and Check your electrical cost.

How to prevent it?

  1. Be very sure before you click on any email links which may seem harmless.
  2. Keep your Antivirus, Malware scanner up to date and scan your computer daily or weekly.
  3. Install updates, patches etc and keep your computer up to date.
  4. Run updates for your browsers and programs every now and then. Best to keep them set to Auto.
  5. Use ad-blockers for browser.

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Image courtesy: PIXABAY