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Probable Causes for error 1001

  • Hardware Malfunctions
  • Corrupted windows Registry.
  • Virus.
  • Software file got corrupted.
  • Device driver issue.


  • Scan your computer for viruses on a daily basis.
  • Always beware of email attachments. It is recommended to run a virus check before you open any attachment.
  • Run registry maintenance on a daily basis. I use AVG.
  • Its better to run hardware test once in a while to check if they are performing well or not.
  • Always buy and use full version software’s from authentic sources.
  • Keep up to date software’s and device drivers.
  • Always keep up to date your operating system.

To avoid having system errors , every user must keep up to date their Operating system, Software’s and Device drivers. Run registry maintenance and Hardware test every week. And also Virus scanning must be done on a daily basis.

Remember the more you take care of your computer the lesser issue you will face.

Source : Microsoft