Clock is a device that can quantify time and can be symbolized as a continuity of earth’s revolution.One that can last really long is usually  become user-friendly and a big ask for the market also.

So one-day all of a sudden you’ve found your favorite clock has stopped ticking and replacing battery isn’t helping you to get back life in your clock, then what would you do? will you just throw it in your garbage bag ? or simply will rush to your nearby clockmaker ?

So if you choose the 1st option to throw it away then reading this article will be just waste of time for you. But if you don’t want to loose your favorite clock then you can give this article a shot  because  here i’m going to share some simple tricks which can help you to repair your clock by yourself only and doing that you can save a good amount of money which your clockmaker was going to suck from you without changing any major part of your clock.

To repair your clock you need some common tools and the list follows:

1.  Screwdriver

3. Soldering Iron

2. Multimeter

Before disassembling all the parts of your clock first check your battery whether it is dead or not. you can check it by a multimeter. If the battery works perfectly then following procedure you can follow to repair your clock.

After unscrewing the outer cover of a clock you can have a sight like this picture. It is consist of a 1.5V Zinc-Chloride battery, Solenoid,A printed circuit board (PCB),Second,Minute,Hour gears and Hands ,And a buzzer (for alarm purpose).



Here is a video that can help you to understand the clock mechanism better.

You can see that because of electromagnetic induction in the solenoid a small spur gear (black dot on the gear) consist of magnet is revolving 360° and another spur gear (purple dot on the gear) which is basically a second gear is connected with it. Hour(Red dot on the gear) and Minute gear ( blue dot on the gear) are also connected with second gear in such a way that  60 revolutions of second gear causes 1 revolution of minute gear and 1/60 revolution of hour gear.

So if your clock isn’t ticking then 3 things can happen generally:

  1. gears are not connected properly so the clock mechanism is not working properly
  2. solenoid isn’t in good condition either broken ,burnt or loose connection between PCB, solenoid or battery happened.
  3. Or finally your PCB is damaged.
  • Now first check all the Second, Minute and Hour gear are connected properly or not. If they are not connected desirably then connect them properly.You can watch the above video for reference.

Now even if  fixing the gears your clock isn’t working then it means you’ve to check other 2 above mentioned points.

  • So check the condition of the solenoid and it’s connectivity with the PCB.If it is in good condition and connected properly with PCB which is again connected with Battery,then the smaller gear(black dot on the gear) with a magnet moves like this reference video and if this not working like this then you should check the connectivity or replace the solenoid.
  • And finally if your PCB is damaged then it’s a valuable advice go for a new clock rather than investing your money and energy in this dead clock.


One small tip if your clock isn’t buzzing like before then this might happen like this picture:

One of the wire might be disconnected,so heat up your soldering iron and secure it perfectly for your morning alarm.